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Who are we?

De Vergure is a workshop for book restoration, paper restoration , manual binding  and boxmaking


Paper has been the main carrier of knowledge for many years. Today, paper has considerable competition from digital carriers. 

Many documents in archives and information centres are being digitized today because paper is a very vulnerable material. In addition, paper takes up space. 

If paper is not stored in optimal conditions, decay will quickly occur. Acidification, water damage, ink corrosion, insect damage are some of the degradations that can occur. There are miles of books, posters, documents waiting for treatment and if this is neglected, many valuable items will be irretrievably lost. And this simply should not happen because preserving our paper heritage is important and worth it!


Restoration and bookbinding workshop De Vergure specializes in:


Paper restoration: restoration and conservation of documents, posters, prints, maps...


Book restoration: rebinding damaged books, inserting a new spine, repairing the cover, cleaning...


Bookbinding: binding new books in different techniques


Box making: personalized and handmade presentation boxes,

portfolio boxes, book cases,...







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